OMOM Robotic Capsule Endoscopy System

OMOM RC offers a safe, noninvasive, and fully automated diagnostic gastroscopy, allowing not only gastroscopy but a thorough check of the small bowel, in just one sitting, due to its extended capsule battery life. The system consists of a Robotic Movement Unit, a Control Console (with reporting software), a Recording Unit and the disposable Robotic Capsule.


Robotic Movement Unit

Automatic Robot-arm

Innovative Two Magnets Design

No Patient's Position Changes Needed

Control Console

One Press

for Full-automatic Examination

VUE Smart Software

Real-time Monitoring

Recording Unit

Portable Recorder

Comfortable Antenna Belt

Robotic Capsule

Industrial Leading Features

Ingenious Magnetic Module
High Definition: 512*512 pix
Extra-wide View Angle: 172°
View Field: 0-50 mm

0-30 min: 10 fps

after 30min: 2-10 fps

Two Capsules Option

RC12 _for gastric only
3 working hours
RC22_for gastric + small bowel
12 working hours

Fully automated

No need of patient’s position change

Real-time monitoring

Detection for 8 types of gastric lesions

Location map

AI assisted reading